Fountain Credit Service

Fountain Credit Service

Fountain Credit Service Ltd (FCSL) started operation under FEP Holdings in 2010. It is a fully fledged microcredit company registered under the Microfinance Act. FCSL is a member of AMFI. Our objective is to avail finance to our clients to assist them in wealth creation by investing better.

FCSL helps to uplift those in the community that cannot access finances in conventional institutions while funding FEP members in investing and wealth creation. We offer our clients flexible affordable and customized credit products. Our products range from Business loans, Asset financing, Investment loans, Emergency loans, and Developmental loans.

We organize financing for any individual who is interested in investing or obtaining goods or services from any of our business units for example if you are interested in buying a plot from Kisima Real Estate we organize funding, we also fund Insurance from Nobel Insurance Agency. Our interest rates are affordable to ensure that the customer is happy and is investing wisely.

We thank our FEP network and fraternity for the support they have accorded us in delivering our targets in the business. We will strive to offer excellent outstanding and timely customer service to the public.

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