FEP Society

FEP Society, also referred to as 'The Programme', was founded in the year 2002 by six members with the aim of pooling funds and setting up a commercial vehicle that would drive generational wealth creation. Currently, the Society has a membership of over 200,000 people spread across the world.

FEP Holdings

FEP Holdings Ltd is the investment arm for the Fountain Enterprises Program (FEP) Group. It has over 74,000 shareholders spread across the 44 counties of Kenya and 32 diaspora destinations. FEP Holdings founding philosophy is to invest in the most innovative and sustainable ways to maximize returns for its shareholders.

FEP Sacco

FEP SACCO is another arm of FEP Group dealing in Savings and Loans products available for all FEP Members. The SACOO is duly registered with the ministry of industrialization and enterprise development under registration no.CS10033 on January 30, 2003

Unite . Empower . Transform

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FEP Group
FEP Group

Transforming lives through Generational wealth creation

FEP Group is an organization committed to uniting people from all walks of life with the agenda of holistic empowerment and transformation. We achieve this through our three arms i.e. FEP Society, FEP Holdings, and FEP Sacco.

FEP Society is the membership network that has brought together the over 200,000 members. FEP Holdings is FEP’s investment vehicle consisting of over 74,000 investors, while FEP Sacco; the best Sacco in Kenya, is the primary provider of savings and loans solutions within and outside the FEP membership network.

200,000+ Members


44 Counties in Kenya

32 Diaspora Destinations