who we are

Fountain Enterprise Program (FEP) is an investment company that is committed to “transforming lives through wealth creation”. We pride ourselves for being innovative in value creation for our shareholders. We build synergies within our teams while delivering results in an effective and efficient manner. We are noble and above board in our dealings with our customers and business partners. Our current membership is 174,000 members, of whom 63,000 are investors, and in 2015 we expected to double the membership. Our four key pillars of business investment include.

Business Segments

  • 01TechnologiesFountain Technologies Fountain technologies focuses on providing ICT, Telecom, and Energy infrastructure solutions geared towards changing global ICT technology, research and development.
  • 02Financial Services & Retail Banking & Shopping Our Financial services and retail sector focuses on providing affordable credit services, insurance and retail supermarkets.  The objective is to uplift the living standards of those in the community to access quality services
  • 03Real Estate & Security ServicesSecure Homes We offer investment projects like housing development, real estate and security options that shall ultimately generate wealth for the shareholders. The two companies that operate under this sector are Kisima Real Estate and Citadelle security.
  • 04Hospitality & Education Hotels & Schools We believe in providing the world class hotels that will offer outstanding, hospitality experience to our customers. To empower our future generation is to invest in education and that is why this remains as one of our core objectives.

Regional Presence

Pan-Africa enterprise

In Kenya FEP enjoys a commanding presence in 43 counties. Fountain credit services Limited offers affordable loans to the SME’s and individuals in the regions who need financing for their business. In Kenya we are proud to mention that we have done projects with Rural Electrification Authority (REA) where we are have done solar panels for 38 schools in Samburu. The impact this project has on the society is to light up the schools in arid areas where there is no electricity hence preparing the way for computers in schools.

Within the African region we enjoy a presence in Uganda where we are working on a project with Afrimax on the Long term evolution (LTG) 4G. This is a project sponsored by Nokia. The impact of this project to the economy is to provider faster network access and speed and improved network communication.

In Ghana FEP is working with Kenpong Group on the MTN Ghana project on the Greenfield sites. The key success of this project is to have improved telecommunication infrastructure for MTN in Ghana hence improved network services.
In Tanzania FEP is working with Alkatel Lucent on providing fiber cable network in Arusha. This is an ICT project that is meant to improve telecommunication network in the upper region of Tanzania.

FEP also has presence in 17 States in the USA. We also have a strong presence in the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and now making serious in-roads to Australia.

Our expansion into different regions gave us the opportunity to establish strategic strong bonds and networks necessary for our future operations.

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