"We invested in FEP to make our life and the lives of those around us better as well as to get financial freedom. We want secure a better and successful future for ourselves and our loved ones. We see a bright future for FEP. A future with abundant returns and a future that will change the lives of many. We would like to share with those who are not investing but are thinking of doing so to go right ahead and look for an investment opportunity in FEP to make their livelihood better. We are members of FEP SACCO; it gives everyone in the society a chance to be part of economic growth, to borrow money to finance projects of their own. We would say it’s for the society’s greater good."

- Margery Wanjira Nyaga – United Kingdom & Madrine Muthoni Kiarie- Kaimbu County, Investor

"I invested with FEP because I wanted a secure future, therefore I found FEP has various viable ventures that I could invest in. FEP is also founded on a Godly foundation and it is also lead by professionals. It is a company that is keen on embracing all categories of people. FEP also allows me to do the payments in installments. FEP is transparent in its activities as evident in its investor meetings. In the coming future FEP will be a powerful multinational company because in their investment they involve the diaspora people, they spread risk by investing in different businesses as well as involving Kenyan people across the counties. The concept of "Power of Many" is a realistic idea of shared risk. FEP allows your money to work for you while you focus on other things. FEP has invested in Education mainly because it is a major pillar of any society. Literacy is the gateway to growth so education is a vital sector to invest in. I would like to advice all Kenyans to secure their future and that of their families by investing in FEP."

- Alice Kagwiria Karemu, Investor

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