Phase 3: Building the Corporate Structure (2015-2017)

This phase entailed building systems, processes, corporate governance and institutional frameworks that are required for any company that is generational in nature to ensure the systems will run beyond the owners’ lifetime. The entire process of realigning human resource, installing software and setting up systems and governance frameworks ran up to 2017.

In 2015 and 2016 while we were creating the corporate structures, the need to separate the corporate (FEP Holdings) and the Power of Many (FEP Society) infrastructure became necessary and therefore the Power of Many developed its own autonomous structure. This enabled them to grow as individual entities but still collaborate to achieve this noble mandate.

FEP 3.0
FEP Group

We promised all through to invest innovatively and sustainably and we are living up to that promise. The innovation of FEP was done by creating the market before the company for it to gain ownership and this is what makes the DNA of FEP. In investing sustainably, we are ensuring that FEP creates sustainable generational wealth. We are moving forward to create revenue for our generation in an innovative and sustainable way that will last long after we are gone.