FEP SACCO society is a leading dynamic and innovative savings and credit cooperative society duly registered with the ministry of industrialization and enterprise development under registration no.CS10033 on January 30, 2003. FEP SACCO is anchored to the main FEP group company through savings and provision of loans to acquire investments within and outside the FEP fraternity.

FEP Sacco has been issuing dividends to its members for a number of years and this is expected to continue with our increased business. Currently, the Sacco has over 15,000 members.

The Sacco draws its members from the business community and formal employed. We have managed to finance our members in their various endeavors to gain their individual financial objectives and become self-sustainable.


STRATEGIC PLAN (2019-2021)


During our recent 11th AGM held on 26th April 2019, we launched our transformational strategic plan that will propel the Sacco to higher levels and ensure we are fulfilling our mandate of holistically empowering entrepreneurs. The strategic plan is a strong foundation and provides us with direction on where we want to go and how to achieve our goals and objectives. The plan is well-timed as it endeavors to provide guidance to the leadership, management and staff in offering efficient services to members within the continuously changing and competitive economic environment.


The plan has been developed with a focus to harmonize synergies; enrich experiences; and challenge all (the Sacco membership, leadership and all stakeholders) into action. In order to do this, the plan outlines the need of integrating research and continuous learning into day to day improvement of internal business processes and improvement of the capital base. The SACCO has great aspirations to be the leading one-stop financial institution providing diverse products and services for members’ economic empowerment. This can be confirmed by the numerous products and services already in use and the endeavour by the management, to develop (new) and review the existing products and services.

Benefits of joining FEP SACCO

  • Assist members to invest through assets financing
  • Shields members against inflated rates from other financial institutions
  • A member can co-guarantee up to 4 Sacco members
  • All the interest rates for the loans are at reducing balance
  • Dividends are paid to the members after every financial year.

Joining requirements

  • Membership fee ksh 1000
  • Monthly subscription minimum of ksh 1,000
  • Complete a FEP SACCO membership application form and attach ID copies, a passport photo size.

Savings Products

  • Akiba savings account
  • Chama savings account
  • Business savings account
  • Little angel savings account

Loans products

  • Wezesha loan
  • Jisort loan
  • Asset financing
  • Business loan
  • Jinufaishe loan
  • School fees loan
  •  Inua loan