FGEW Program Objectives

  • To make available to women a wide variety of economic empowerment opportunities through partnerships with smart networks.
  • Understanding barriers for women’s empowerment and identifying opportunities for women in the specific context of the enterprise.
  • To significantly contribute to the reduction of poverty cycles that limits and acts as barriers to women’s economic growth and development. For nobody would have remembered the good Samaritan if he only had good intentions and had money as well.
  • Be an agent of change in the current and the future women groups on how they operate and introduce to them in other models of saving and generating generational wealth programs such buying FEP SHARES with the money they contribute within themselves in their groups.
  • Shift away from the traditional emphasis on economically “empowering” women exclusively through micro-loans or grants, training programs or networking and mentorship.
  • Apply Gendered Market Map: IS a tool to analyze actors, policies, value chains and gender in a specific mark.