You will never truly realize your full potential in life if you don’t encounter challenges. In fact, if your life is devoid of challenges, it means you are not living out life as you should. You could just be walking through life with a strange sense of caution as though walking a tight rope, literally.

There are two kinds of people, those who completely collapse in the face of challenges, and the resilient ones who rise above and beyond them and end up achieving impossible feats.

No human is limited

Recently we had our very own Eliud Kipchoge, greatest marathoner of all time, taking on a challenge which saw him run a full marathon in under 2 hours! He made it into the books of history when he did it in a record time 1:59:40. Kipchoge did what had been considered humanly impossible! And boy, didn’t he thoroughly inspire the world with his mantra ‘No Human is Limited’

Franklin D Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States of America once said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Our strength builds and our muscles are hardened amidst challenges and opposition. Friends, growth will never happen in your comfort zone.

Writing our story

The story of FEP, which is yet to be fully written, is that of braving through the storm. Is that of tackling challenges head on. It’s a story of pure resilience. We have maintained focus all through the seasons because there is so much at stake. We have over 70,000 investors in our fold who have entrusted us with their resources and trusted us with their future and that of their children. FEP has always been about transforming people and their lives through generations, this is what keeps us grounded and focused on this grand vision.

The ups and downs that is the FEP story is not unique. If you happened to watch an interview by a top bank CEO aired last Wednesday on Citizen TV, you would appreciate that good things take time to manifest. The bank which is among the largest in the region both in terms of their balance sheet and customer base did not have it easy.

In the interview, the CEO was asked;

“If you were to change one thing in 35 years of the bank’s existence, what would it be?”

He responded;

“We could have been more communicative, we could have talked about our story, maybe we could have inspired more people, we could have given more people courage and confidence that it can be done… however we didn’t do it at that time, but we are doing it now.”

He further added, “We allowed skeptics to speak about us, we allowed their narrative, we allowed them to tell our story.”

FEP Mpya turnaround

We are now in the first year of our FEP Mpya turnaround journey, and we are making good progress. Turnarounds can be slow, but are possible through hard work and commitment. This is exactly what we are putting in.

Consider Apple the company, maker of the popular iPhone smartphone. Apple went into a decade long downward spiral after the exit of former CEO Steve Jobs in 1985. For 12 years, its innovation, popularity and sales dropped significantly almost reaching bankruptcy. The company eventually turned around and is now one of the most well-known and valuable companies in the world raking in annual revenues of almost $300 billion!

As we draw to the end of 2019, let us keep hope alive. We want to assure all our investors that we are committed to deliver a return on their investment in line with the FEP Mpya strategic plan.