Fountain Schools, Nurturing Legacies – Part 2


At FSM the new curriculum was rolled out at the beginning of the ongoing term III. A delay in delivery of learning material from relevant authorities was the root cause of the late start. Looking on the brighter side this was advantageous to FSM as teachers and students had more time to prepare for induction of the 2-6-3-3-3 education program. Furthermore early measures were taken to establish an ECD center similar to FST that serves the same purpose. Also despite the setback the pilot stage is ongoing and feedback coming in from different stakeholders is encouraging.

Miss Cecilia Mwangi, Head Teacher Fountain School Mwea takes us through response generated from the new curriculum and ongoing developments in the school as the KCPE exams are around the corner. Miss Mwangi is optimistic about the new education module and says learning has been progressing as usual

“Teaching has been going on as pupils unlearn the old and learn the new.” Cecilia Mwangi Head Teacher FSM

What kind of response are you getting from parents, teachers, students and stakeholders of FSM about the new 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum model?

Miss Mwangi notes that there has been some mixed feedback from parents where some are concerned that written homework has reduced compared to older times i.e. 8-4-4 system. To address this concern she assures parents that this is for the better as it is part of what the new curriculum aims to curb. She states “The new curriculum focuses on practical activities and parents misunderstand because homework is now minimal … written material is reduced as the initiative demands each child to be digitized.” In addition parents and guardians will be more involved with the child’s education: for instance in some activities a parent/guardian will be required to narrate a story to the child who in turn records the narration in digital tablets provided to them. Undoubtedly this shows the essence of the curriculum been more activity based than theory based. Apart from this, feedback from other stakeholders is highly optimistic and FSM thanks all stakeholders for their support.

Children’s Response to the 2-6-3-3-3 Module

The children have embraced the system positively as they enjoy been engaged in more practical activities that the education program offers.

Fountain Schools PP2 Graduands

Candidates Section

Miss Mwangi is confident and has unwavering belief in her students who will be undertaking this year’s KCPE exams saying she expects great things from them.

FSM Milestones and Future Plans as School Year Comes to an End.

This year saw introduction of a transport plan that has yielded results that have surpassed expectations. The transport plan involved picking and dropping of learners at desired locations. The transport plan was revamped to widen geographical coverage where the transport vehicles are able to cover longer distances and learners are able to gain better access to this transport means.

The result has been a gradual increment in the number of enrollments which has been one of the schools main goals. Currently FSM has three vans and plans to procure a fourth one are underway. Come early next year FSM plans to rejuvenate past co-curriculum activities, this include swimming and skating. In addition lessons in French and Music will be reintroduced. Similar to FST, FSM enjoys the benefits of the recently established board of management. Finally FSM will be holding a graduation ceremony on 3 November 2018 for this year’s candidates and preschoolers. The candidates will be ushered in to the next level of their education and the preschoolers will be able to showcase skills they have learnt courtesy of the new curriculum.

Message from the Head Teacher.

“We are committed to seen the school rise to the highest peak.” Cecilia Mwangi Head Teacher Fountain School Mwea.

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