Last week, the Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha announced the results for the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education 2019 just 17 days after candidates sat for their exams. Andy Michael Munyiri of Damacrest Academy emerged top in the country having scored 440 out of 500 marks.

Notable improvement

Closer home, the FEP fraternity had every reason to celebrate due to the good performance by our very own Fountain Group of Schools. Both Fountain School Mwea and Tigoni posted improvement from the 2018 KCPE results. With Fountain School Mwea getting a mean score of 344 up from 294 in 2018, while Tigoni managing 312 up from 308 in 2018. The top student in Mwea, Winfred Waithira scored 409 out of a possible 500, with Tigoni’s Favour Otuchi scooping 412 marks!

In his congratulatory remarks, Dr John Kithaka, FEP Founder and Group Executive Director, said “I celebrate our candidates for their outstanding performance, they have done us extremely proud. This is a confirmation that we are right on track, and things can only get better not just for the school but other business entities under FEP Holdings.”

He went ahead to applaud the efforts by the head teachers, Mr. Martin Keter and Mr. Ignatius Oseko, and their teams who worked tirelessly to realize the good results.

He said,

“You commitment to the success of our children has paid off, I am and have always been confident in your ability and capacity to deliver the best. I want to assure you of my support, that of the Board, and the management in ensuring even better performance in future”

Academic giant

Fountain Schools has a track record of good performance since inception back in 2012. The objective has always been to achieve academic excellence while bringing out a well-rounded student touching on their physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. The 2019 KCPE results are just but a demonstration of the potential to shutter the ceiling of challenges and limitations and to reach the pinnacle of academic excellence.

Fountain School excellence is driven by the following factors;

  • A very conducive environment that encourage optimum focus and concentration
  • Competitive offering that promotes a learner’s holistic development (CBC, Computer lessons, French classes, skating, music and drama)
  • Well trained and experienced teachers
  • Availability of key amenities – efficient school transport system, and outstanding boarding facilities and services

 2020 intake

The 2020 intake exercise is currently underway at each station (Mwea and Tigoni) with interviews running throughout the week – Monday to Friday from 9AM to 2PM (Fountain Schools, Tigoni), and Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 4PM (Fountain Schools, Mwea). Interviewees are required to pay Kshs. 1,000. You can call Ignatius (Tigoni School) on 0726732018 or Martin (Mwea School) on 0729586158 to book for an interview.