Fountain Technologies

Fountain Technologies

Fountain Technologies Ltd (FTL) focuses on providing Energy infrastructure solutions, Telecom service for both civil work and equipment installation and ICT services. Fountain Technologies has operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ghana. Some of the key projects Fountain Technologies has been involved in includes Rural Electrification Authority (REA) in Kenya and Uganda, site built and equipment installation/commission projects for Safaricom Kenya, MTN Ghana and Afrimax Uganda.

In today’s evolving world technology is key in the economic growth of a nation. In the energy sector Fountain technology has been able to install solar solutions over 50 schools in northern Kenya within Samburu, Pokot and Turkana region under REA. This project has been able to light up schools in the arid rural areas where there is no electrification. The impact to the society is to uplift the standard of education in the rural schools and ultimately improved quality of life. This also offers employment to the communities around for computer trainers and computerized school management systems.

Fountain Technologies embraces partnerships within the industry. In Ghana FTL partners with Kenpong Ghana on the MTN project that entails constructing Greenfield sites, telecom services for Vodafone among others. The main objective for this project is to provide improved services through infrastructure upgrade for the telco operators in Ghana. This will result in better quality of service and ultimately increased revenues for the operators and growth of the country’s GDP. In Uganda FTL partners with Afrimax on the Long term evolution (LTE) project to provide 4G services. The project was instrumental in the first 4G launch in Uganda by Afrimax.

Fountain Technologies has been accredited and has the required licenses from relevant bodies like NCA, ERC, CAK for providing Energy infrastructure, Telecommunication and ICT services. FTL targets to increase its presence to about 10 countries within sub Saharan Africa within 5 years and live true to its customer promise of delivering “future solutions now”.

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